1. Home Screen


The ‘Home Screen’ after login shows the onship workspace and has quick access to the communication capabilities and the applications that are downloaded.


Various features that one can easily use are:

  1. Calls
  2. Contact
  3. Apps
  4. onship Assistant
  5. Mobile Wallet
  6. Profile


2. Contacts and Calls


onship includes a built-in contact database to maintain the contact list.

  1. From the contact list, conduct 1:1 messaging,  VoIP calling and video calling with contacts on onship, which are all optimised for satellite networks.
  2. This is particularly useful in communicating with shore members from the sea.


3. Groups


Create groups to collaborate between various contacts on the platform.

  1. Groups can be created to invite participants which enables messaging, like any standard collaboration platform.
  2. On clicking “Groups” on the Mobile app, a new pane is opened. Fill in all the relevant information and add the desired users to the group.
  3. Once all users are added, on clicking “Create Group” the group is created.


4. Top-Up


Top up your wallet to make calls and make in-app purchases.

The Mobile app user can view their wallet balance on the top right corner of the calls and chats tab and can also recharge their wallet balance by clicking on the “Top-Up” button present in the top right corner.

  1. On clicking the “Top-Up” button on Mobile app a new window pops up with the Top-Up options.
  2. Either choose the amount for Top-Up from the smart recharge amounts or enter the desired amount.
  3. If you have a partner code, enter it to reveal the discount on recharge.
  4. Once all the necessary details are filled in, click on the “Continue” button to make the payment via the desired payment option.


5. Dial Pad Call


Calls can be placed via the satellite calling feature to the desired number of any country or satellite call provider. The Mobile app user can find the “Dial Pad”' icon at the bottom of the calls tab and on clicking the icon, the dial pad is displayed.

For the Mobile app users:

  1. The user can select the prefix of the country to which they would like to place calls to or to the satellite provider that the other user is using.
  2. The user can then type in the full number and then click on the Call icon at the bottom of the dial pad.
  3. The call is then initiated.


6. Video Call


Video calls can be made to the contacts who have been added to the contact list. These calls can be made over the internet, hence internet connectivity is required to make video calls.

For mobile users:

  1.  The user now has both voice and video call features available. 
  2. They can select call history and click on any of the names on the list to know the call duration.


7. Micro Applications


For  the Mobile app users:

  1.  The user can find the micro apps available for download inside FrontM’s marketplace.
  2.   The user can click on the “Install” button and install the microapp onto their account.


8. Log Out




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