• Using this form, users can place orders for desired field and/ or lubricant product(s)
  • The form is divided into three tabs -

Tab 1 - where portal requests the user to input vessel, departure port and travel timeframe parameters


Tab 2 - where the user needs to enter fuel product(s) requirements

-> When the user goes to tab 2 - a blank table gets displayed with an option to add fuel product(s)


-> When the user clicks on “Add Item” - the below form gets populated -


->The user once fills the parameters, clicks on save and the respective fuel requirement gets added to the fuel product list.

-> Users can add any number of fuel requirements to the fuel product list, however, he/ she will have to enter requirements one at a time.


Tab 3 - where user needs to enter lubricant product requirements (if required)


-> For adding lubricant product(s), the flow is the same as the fuel product list.

-> Overall - the user needs to add at least one fuel OR lubricant product in order to be able to successfully place the order.

  • Once the user fills required parameters in all tabs of the “Create Enquiry” form and submits the same, the fuel and/ or lubricant product requirements using Bulugo’s API reach potential sellers/ service providers near the origin port (selected in form for creating enquiry)
  • Based on the timeframe set by the user for receiving quotations from potential sellers, the user keeps on receiving them and these quotations would be displayed on the “My Orders” screen



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