Introducing Pista Terrain

Pista Terrain is a software-based tracking system designed for vehicles. Pista Terrain provides secure, private and accurate vehicle tracking to support operations, trip planning benefiting vehicle owners and operators. 

When you subscribe to a Pista Terrain package and receive confirmation of your vehicle being set up, a simple initial setup is required on the terminal to start tracking.

Pista Terrain software can be accessed at 

The software will show you the latest reported locations of all your vehicles that you have active on a map. Pista Terrain will also allow you to receive alerts when the vehicle deviates from geofence, over-speeds, Ignition is turned on or off, and remotely manage accessible terminal settings.


A software account will be set up and you will be provided with a license key per portal, so you can view your vehicles.


Pre-requisites for Pista Terrain setup

  1. Portal access

a. Steady internet access 

b. Laptop/PC with the latest web-browser

Ensure no firewall blocking 


Important notes: 

  1. GNSS co-ordinate format DD.ddddd is the only format supported on the portal. The portal is set up for English language only. 
  2. The time shown in the assistant is the local PC time (the timezone on the end user's PC). 
  3. All other times are in GMT (indicated with a “GMT” tag in the column header)



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