The map will display the most recent positions of the vehicle you are tracking.


You can scroll the map by clicking and using your mouse/touchscreen

You can zoom in and out [use your mouse scroll-wheel, pinch zoom on your touchscreen or touchpads, or “+” and “-“ icons provided on top right to zoom in and out respectively] 


Option 1: To view individual vehicle

To find a vehicle on the map and zoom in on it, you can follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click on the right arrow button on the left top corner of the map. Vehicles’ list would be displayed in grid view



Step 2: Click on the desired vehicle from the vehicles’ list in the left-side grid view. The map would be navigated to the current location of the vehicle.



Step 2: Click on the checkbox against the given vehicle. Then click on the “Vehicle Information” button on top of the vehicles’ grid. Click on the “Tracking & Monitoring” tab from the given form




Step 3: Click on “Tracking & Monitoring map”. The trail is visible on the map. The trail is also available in the left grid – tracking history tab. Records are sorted based on descending order of date and time. Click on any of the records from the grid and the respective trail-point along with details pop-up is displayed on the map.  



Option 2 – Table View

To switch to table view for Vehicles’ list click on the table view icon on the top right-hand side. This gives a list of all the vehicles corresponding to the logged-in user. Parameters - Vehicle name, Terminal number, ID number, MSISDN, Status, and Plate number are displayed for all the vehicles in table format.


Search and Filter

On map and table view search and filter features are provided.

Search: Click on the search icon image8.png in order to search a vehicle record from the vehicles’ list. Type relevant input for any of the below parameters –

  • Vehicle Name
  • ID Number
  • Terminal ID
  • Plate Number

Once desired input is entered in the search box, hit Enter and the relevant search result(s) are displayed on the Vehicles’ list grid on the left side.

Filter: Click on filter icon image10.png displayed on top of the vehicles list grid. Select any of the below parameters OR a combination of them to filter out relevant results in the Vehicles’ list grid –

  • Vehicle name - text field
  • Vehicle Registration Number - text field
  • MSISDN - text field
  • ID number - text field
  • Terminal ID - text field
  • Latest Event Type – drop-down
  • Latest Status – drop-down 




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