The different tabs show the various options available and whether they are configurable through the portal or not (either by an end user, service partner or customer care using read only OR read & edit access). 

Important note:

  1. Any configuration changes sent from the Pista Terrain portal will overwrite the existing settings on the terminal. 

The tabs in the form display below click-to-action buttons against required sections:

Retrieve From Terminal:

This button is to perform manual retrieve only, unless it is in response to a poll command.

Poll Current Location:

Clicking on the “Poll Current Location” button will try to get the current location from the terminal. This is an on-demand request for a vehicle’s location.

Send To Terminal:

This button is to send configuration parameters to the terminal.



  1. For every configuration setting sent to the terminal from the portal (except Notifications), the acknowledgment received from the terminal will be shown in the assistant  at the bottom right corner of the map. 
  2. The assistant can be opened and the notifications can be viewed by clicking on the at the bottom right corner of the map area. 
  3. Before sending any new configuration setting, make sure that the acknowledgment for the previous setting was received.
  4. To expand any section of a given tab of the Vehicle Information form, click on this image3.png icon displayed at the top left against the given section of the tab.
  5. Search and filter options are provided for the reporting screens.
  6. The option to export reports is provided on reporting screens.



The terminal should be on and active on the network to be able to send back a response.  


A) Vehicle Information

This tab is divided into three sections

(i) Vehicle 

In the first section, an option to upload a vehicle image is provided. If the image is previously uploaded, it would be displayed in the same placeholder. When the user uploads and saves the image here, the same would get displayed on the vehicle pop-up displayed on the landing page map view.


(ii) Vehicle Information

This section has vehicle information data points – Vehicle name, ID number, MSISDN, Terminal ID, Subscription Status, Plate number, Latest event and latest event date & time.


(iii) Tracking Information

Latest event information such as – date & time, location, IGN status, Azimuth, Speed, RPM would be displayed


The data, once a response from the terminal is received, is updated into this form. 



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