A) Tracking & Monitoring - map

Tracking and monitoring has 2 tabs – map and table views.

Clicking the ‘Tracking & Monitoring map’ tab from the vehicle information form to a vehicle opens the tracking history information and displays the trail on the map. By default, the map shows the trail for the given vehicle for the past 7 days or 200 records whichever is lower.  

Tracking History would display the history of the points in time the vehicle has been tracked and the locations of the vehicle at that time. These trail points are captured in grid view displayed on the left side. 

Click on any of the tracking history records on the left side grid view, this highlights the respective trail point on the map with a pop-up to display detailed information – 

  • Date Time
  • Location
  • Azimuth
  • Speed
  • RPM
  • Event Type
  • Event Time
  • Internal Battery
  • Terminal Temperature
  • 1-Wire (Sensor)
  • Altitude (GPS)
  • GPS Speed (GPS)
  • Moving Distance (Terminal)
  • Vehicle Battery Voltage (Sensor)
  • Fuel Level (CAN)
  • Engine Hours (CAN)
  • High-Resolution total vehicle distance (CAN)
  • Engine Coolant temperature (CAN)
  • Ambient Temperature (CAN)
  • Fuel Rate (CAN)
  • Instantaneous Fuel Economy (CAN)


B) Tracking & Monitoring - table

Above data points for tracking history would be displayed in table view. 


User can use a filter to filter out relevant entries based on the below parameters – 

  • Event type
  • Date & Time Range (Local time)

The option to export the report is provided to the user. Once clicked on export .csv report for the screen would be exported.



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