This section of the terminal settings tab has 8 configurable parameters – IOused1, IOused2, … , IOused8 with corresponding 8 sub-parameters – Ioinout1, IOinout2, … , IOinout8 respectively. 

Click on drop-downs for desired parameters for IOused fields and select input from the given list – 

  • Periodic mode
  • Not used
  • Event Mode
  • All Mode
  • Periodic Mode

Click on drop-downs for desired parameters for IOinout1 to IOinout4 fields and select input from the given list – 

  • In
  • Out

Click on drop-downs for desired parameters for IOinout5 & IOinout6 fields and select input from the given list – 

  • In
  • Out

Drop-down for IOinout7 and IOinout8 fields would have only “ADC/ UART” as default and only available selection

Click on “Send to Terminal” button once desired inputs are selected.



B) Selectable Data Settings

These settings are divided in 3 groups as shown in below image -

Group A has below selectable parameters –

  • Internal Battery Voltage (Sensor) 
  • Terminal temperature (Sensor)
  • 1-wire (sensor)

Group B has below selectable parameters –

  • Altitude (GPS)
  • GPS Speed (GPS)
  • Moving Distance (Terminal)
  • Vehicle Battery Voltage (Sensor) (Value = x/10)
  • G-sensor (Value = x/10)

Group C has below selectable parameters –

  • Fuel Level (CAN)
  • Engine Hours (CAN)
  • High Resolution Total Vehicle Distance (CAN)
  • Engine Coolant Temperature (CAN)
  • Ambient Temperature (CAN)
  • Fuel Rate (CAN)
  • Instantaneous Fuel Economy (CAN)
  • Accelerator Pedal Position (CAN)
  • Current Gear (CAN)  

Select/ Unselect desired parameters across all the 3 groups and click on “Send to Terminal”.



C) Event Sending Select

Below are the Event Sending Select parameters –

  • E1. Shock Event
  • E2. Over Speed Event
  • E3. Internal battery Exhaustion Event
  • E4. Vehicle Overturn Event
  • E5. Geo-fence Deviation Event
  • E6. Sim card Error Event
  • E7. GPS Antenna Disconnection Event 
  • E8. Sudden Acceleration Event 
  • E9. Sudden Deceleration Event
  • E10. GPI Input Event
  • E11. SOS Event

Select/ Unselect desired parameters and click on “Update Terminal”.



D) Sudden Acceleration and Deceleration 

This section has 2 parameters for users to enter input. The parameters are –

  • Sudden Acceleration Value
  • Sudden Deceleration Value


Note – Users can select values from the desired thresholds. Portal would display error message if entered values are not as per the criteria of 5 to 50 km/ hour 

Once desired values are selected, click on “Update Terminal”



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